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If you’ve ever encountered the Ukrainian state apparatus, you may lose the desire to go back. If you need to attain a residence permit in Ukraine, you must collect all the necessary documents, wait in lines and spend a plethora of time and effort. We can handle the complicated nature of the permit process and help you to attain a Ukrainian residence permit without many difficulties.

Ukrainian Residence Permit Advantages

There are many advantages in applying for a Ukrainian Residence Permit besides establishing a business, making money and studying. If you are granted a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, you can also enjoy the following benefits:


  • Become a bank customer
  • Import your vehicle without paying duties
  • Be granted pension payments
  • Cross borders without questions


This type of citizen is afforded nearly all the same rights as a natural-born Ukrainian, but they cannot vote or purchase agriculturally-valuable territories.

Residence Permit Layout – What Is Needed To Attain It

Individuals must be 16 years of age or older, a foreigner or stateless person with a right to attain a Ukrainian RP. The key reason to attain this permit is to attain legal residency in the country. The maximum period for this stay is three years.   Now, you need to extend the certificate’s validity or return to your previous residence status.


The most popular reasons to attain such documents (foundation to attain them):

  • Employment – Required documents for an employment permit.
  • Family Reunification – This method is possible if one family member is a citizen or holds a residence permit. You must attach a marriage certificate and a copy of the person’s passport. They are considered the inviting party to attain the residence permit.
  • Studies – A student visa granted by the Ministry of Education can allow you entry in Ukraine.
  • Religious Organizations Sermons – A preacher can enter Ukraine on a visa granted by the State Committee on Religion
  • Employment In Representative Office Of Foreign Company – The company will need to make a request and submit the accreditation documents to the Ministry of Justice.
  • Implementation of Technical Projects Of International Assistance – This applies only to official ICC contracts.
  • Journalistic Activities – Media request to responsible Ukrainian body for state policy in the information realm.
  • Volunteer, Scientific, Cultural and Educational activities – You must have a contract for these activities.
Our Services Are Your Advantages

Turning to our specialists, you get rid of the hassle that is associated with the choice of medical insurance policy, payment of government fees and charges.

The biggest advantage is the time you save. You should be focused on more important things. We will prepare and submit all documents, and pay all the duties and charges. .

After you receive documents, you must get a residence stamp, which must be done within 30 days. Without the help of a professional service, this can be difficult and complex.