Work Permit For Foreigners (Non-Resident Employment In Ukraine) —
Work Permit For Foreigners (Non-Resident Employment In Ukraine)

We offer a full range of services – from registering a company in Ukraine to obtaining a work permit. We can also help in securing a residence permit (foreigners’ legalization in Ukraine).

The main provision of Ukrainian legislation regarding employment of foreigners in Ukraine.:
  • All foreign citizens (stateless persons) before being employed must get a work permit.
  • Employers must attain work permits (legal entities, SA, LLCs, sole proprietors, etc.)
  • Work permits are issued for a set period of time no longer than a year. The exceptions include IT specialists, founder of companies-employers and creative professionals. Work permits can be granted for up to three years for these professionals.
  • Labor of foreigners can be used by one or more employers; subject to obtaining a work permit for every position except for:
    – Highly-paid specialist (salary more than 208,650 UAH/month), can work part-time without a work permit;
    – Foreigner with a work permit can work temporarily but no longer than 60 days to replace an absent employee.
  • One of the primary conditions in issuing a work permit is the payment of a certain salary to foreigners, which is not less than:
    4,173 UAH/month to IT specialists, founders and creative professionals
    41,730 UAH/month to other employees (10 times higher than for IT specialists, founders and creative professionals). Though there are ways to avoid this requirement.
  • Employment service is granted with the right to cancel a work permit if the employee is terminated.
  • Employment Service is permitted with a right to cancel a work permit if establishing the fact of labor use for any conditions beyond the work permit (such as part-time work without a new work permit being granted, salary payment less than what was initially stated in the work permit application).
  • Availability of temporary residence permit on any conditions (marriage to Ukrainian citizen, Ukrainian education, etc.) does not grant the right to employment without a work permit.
A work permit is not needed in the following cases:
  • Foreigners who reside permanently in Ukraine (hold a permanent or indefinite residence permit);
  • Foreigners granted refugee status in accordance with Ukrainian legislation or have received permission to immigrate to Ukraine;
  • Foreigners who have been recognized as persons that require additional protection or have been granted temporary protection in Ukraine;
  • Representatives of the foreign naval (river) fleet and airlines who serve such companies in Ukraine;
  • Foreign media employees accredited to work in Ukraine;
  • Athletes who have received professional status, artists and art workers who carry their professions in Ukraine;
  • Emergency service workers to perform emergency work;
  • Employees of foreign representative officers registered in Ukraine in the prescribed by law manner;
  • Foreign clergymen who temporarily reside in Ukraine on an invitation of religious organizations to carry out canonical activities for such organizations that are in official coordination with the Department for Religious and National Affairs;
  • Foreigners who arrive in Ukraine to participate in the implementation of international technical assistance projects;
  • Foreigners who arrive in Ukraine to teach and/or conduct research activities in higher educational institutions upon invitation.