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What We Do Get matched with the right tech team for your project.

When you have a project of importance, you want the right tech team by your side. LEGITbe shows companies and entrepreneurs those tech teams that have undergone its carefully vetted system, ensuring the right team can help companies and individuals tackle their project quickly and efficiently.

Verified teams

LEGITbe assesses all software development teams in Ukraine, which allows companies to find the right tech team for their project. We provide entrepreneurs and companies with verified tech teams – those teams that have undergone our stringent process and can work at any given time on a project.

Extensive expertise

We are continually adding verified tech teams to our custom software development list, ensuring companies from any industry or platform can rest assured that they will find the right partner for their needs.

Outsourcing and Outstaffing Services and Solutions

LEGITbe is not your standard software development company. We work with an array of teams with a wide range of experience - technologies, programming languages, web development, custom software development, mobile app development, etc. Using the information you provide to us, we bring a list of the right tech teams that will fit with your project – all verified through our stringent process.

Setup Turnkey R&D Centers

We will work with you to build a personal offshore software development center, which includes looking for office space and setting up the professional HR services. We choose and develop a team of designers, developers, analysts and more to round out the company. We also handle all activities related to the hiring and retention of these individuals as well as accounting and taxes.

Dedicated teams for hire

You have more important things to contend with, so allow us to help you find developers for your company. We can provide you with outstaffing services and employ those teams best for your company’s needs. You are in full control of the development process, but we just handle the organizational needs and hiring teams that fit the scope of your project.

HR experts and business analysis

We have certified HR specialists who can choose the right software development teams for companies to choose from – regardless of the industry or company size. However, our company can provide you with business analysis services to better understand our clients. This service includes a look at the processes optimization, requirement specifications, and detailed briefing.