Our Team — legitbe.com
Our Team At LEGITbe everybody has their own unique story as to how they got here.
David Krumer Founder & CEO More
Alya Tratch Partner, Bizdev & Operations More
Alexander Golubev Chief Legal & Accounting Officer More
Alexander Lobanov Visual content consultant More
Marina Arakcheieva Outsourcing marketing consultant More
Yulia Panchenko Administrative & Affiliate Manager More
Vyacheslav Ratkin Procedural corporate manager More
Yulia Shkurina Accountant More
Susant Thapa Head of External Workflow More
Denis Sitnik Head Of Operational Solutions For Marketing Group More
Alі Kerimov Operational solution manager More
Maxim Kolesnik Head of External Legal Marketing and Project Manager More
Irina Klimina Chief Accountant More
Alexander Marchuk Procedural Sales Manager More
Oleg Galich Procedural Manager of Special Operations More