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Why Ukraine Why Is Ukraine So Popular For Businesses?

Many well-known companies have chosen Ukraine as the place to open R&D centers. Some of the many 2,000+ companies with a Ukrainian presence include Grammarly, Readdle, Preply, Attendify, TemplateMonster, SoftServe, EPAM, Intectics, Softjourn and more. It’s not uncommon for many companies to choose Ukraine over other R&D hotspots such as Vietnam, the Philippines, and India.
Why is that though?

Ukraine Is A Hotbed For Rising Talents
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Main outsourcing market

According to a report from the Outsourcing Journal, Ukraine is Eastern Europe’s primary outsourcing market. The country ranks fifth on the top 25 largest IT service exporters with pioneering Ukrainian projects recognized throughout the world – LaMetric Time, DiGi24, Swimmerix, etc.

36,000 IT specialist annually

There are about 400 colleges and universities in Ukraine – with around 36,000 graduates in the technological field graduating every year. This is even higher than many high-tech countries – Belgium, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

World’s known innovations

Innovative Ukrainian projects are known all over the world — you’ve certainly heard oft Eleks, Synchronous, Swimmerix, LaMetric Time, Senstone or DiGi24.

Ukraine Offers Great Quality and Prices There is practically no Ukrainian industry that can offer the wages and salary as seen in the IT industry. It’s no surprise that the pool of IT talent continues to grow and become a part of the country’s most sought after and highly-paid industries.
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Hourly rate for software development $ 25-40
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Average developer salary $ 2500-4000
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Tax rate 5% of income 5%
Average annual salary
$ 35,000+
$ 100,000+
United States

These figures are much lower than in Western Europe and, especially than those in North America, where the skills of a comparable quality cost about $ 100 an hour or more. And given that most IT professionals work as individual entrepreneurs, the tax rate is also very attractive

Easy To Communicate

The Ukrainian outsourcing work ethic closely resembles the U.S., and the fact Ukrainian developers are amazing leaders, innovators, and inventors, it’s no wonder that working with a specialist in Ukraine is such a worthwhile prospect. Due to their reputation, many Ukraine developers have gained, many are recognized beyond the borders.

80% of Ukrainian IT specialists speak English
fluent — 30.1%
upper-intermediate — 39%
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Other Interesting Tidbits About Ukraine
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Top-10 Countries with certified IT Ukraine is considered one of the Top 10 countries with a large pool of certified IT specialists.
3-rd in Europe Ukraine is third in Europe for the number of professional IT specialists.
4/10 pan-European transport corridors Four out of 10 pan-European transport corridors travel through Ukraine.
20-25% IT growth Every year the country’s IT industry shows growth at 20-25%
122 universities There are 122 Ukrainian universities that help students attain a technical education
18% Personal income tax Ukraine’s personal income tax is 18 percent (considered very low).
200,000 employed in IT Ukraine is considered one of the Top 10 countries with a large pool of certified IT specialists.

Due to the high-performance level in IT and the financial benefits of the software development industry, outsourcing in Ukraine is one of the best choices companies of any industry can make when they need technical assistance. In fact, 80 percent of the clients Ukrainian specialists work for are from the U.S. market.